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Tales from the Hop, part 2!

Yet AGAIN, my work ended on a low note last night. It is what my coworker and I shall refer to as Le Cunt Incident! Two bad times at work back to back, hell motherfucking yeah! Now keep in mind that I am really not a racist person. But after working this job for so long you start to learn that stereotypes are what they are because it is true! So, around 330 or so, these two larger black girls show up to work, and get a table. I chat it up with them, and we are getting along really well. They are responsive to my recommendations and decide to go for them. I walk past them every few minutes once the food is out there. I might not have always asked if they needed anything everytime I walked past, but I was almost always around once the food hit the table. Now one girl was downing Dr. Pepper like it was going out of style, and I remember one time hearing her slurp the bottom of her glass to get my attention when I was on the other side of the restraunt talking to the manager. So yeah, since then I pulled back my niceness some, but I still was in no way rude to them! They get up to leave, and the manager tells them to have a good night and come back again, with which they begin to laugh and walk out the door. He comes back from the register and sees they have left a rather nasty note on a to-go box, and comes to tell me about it. Now, he thinks it's funny and so do I. We have a good relationship he and I, friends for some time. This is what the note said:

Point A:
Please check with your guest
quickly and often, to see if
you can get anything for them!
Point: B.
Before you reach your filthy hands
over someone food, try asking them
to pass it you, so you will not ruin their appetite

Now, anyone that knows me there, knows I wash my hands more than anyone else there, with the exception of Cristi, as she too is pretty OCD about clean hands. Now, my sleeves were a little bit dirty, because I WORK IN A RESTRAUNT. I carry plates of food covered in syrup and butter and other nasty things on my forearms all the time. If anyone makes it thier shift with their shirt still in tact then they must not have done anything. I guess these cunts have never worked with food a day in their life. And maybe I was doing them a service by ruining "their appetite" because the real bitchy one had some of her fat propped up on the table. Sometimes I just really want to run outside before a person leaves and beat the ever loving shit out of them. Damn that karma, lol. So, isn't everyone envious and don't you all just want my job? :-)
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