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Yeah Toast!

More stories from the Murfreesboro IHOP!

Ok, so I had a table of regulars show up last night, about 10 of them. They are a karaoke group that comes in, some of them wasted, some of them sober. Yeah, they don't tip much, but they are really nice people. I have been waiting on them for almost three years! Someone new came in with them, and she was mighty wasted. Every time she asked how much an item cost. Nothing new, but means the person will probably find somethign to complain about. She asks me how much two pancakes, side of toast, and two eggs will cost her. With tax, around six bucks I reply. That is outrageous she screams. I told her I concurred but there was nothing I could do. She finally decides on a meal which is also six bucks. It has two pancakes, bacon, sausage, and two eggs. She asks if she could swap the bacon and get extra sausage. Not a problem I told her. So, the food comes out, and she is complaining that she didn't get toast. I told her the meal she ordered didn't come with toast. She raves more and demands to see a menu. I bring it to her, and she sees I am right. Well, can I trade the extra sausage I got for the toast? We can't do that. You would have to trade all of your sausage for the toast, I say. With which she replies, and I quote, "This is fucking bullshit. I don't want to talk to you anymore. Get me your manager!" I do, and inform her of what is happening before she gets there. She apparently gives my manager no attitude what so ever. But the manager also explaisn to her that we can't just give her the toast. She continues to fume. My manager walks away, and soon she follows to pester more. At some point the manager brought her a box because she refused to eat the food she ordered but opted to take it with her since we were still making her pay for it. As I am pre-bussing the table, she again gets irate with me and ask for the store number and the corporate number. I told her she can find all that information at the front. And that was the last I dealt with her. So she again deals with my manager and gets both our names, and will apparently call the corperate office over this. All because we would not give her some fucking toast! If she had just been nice from the start I would have gotten her some fucking toast for free! I swear, if I lose my job over this, that bitch will get a whack!
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